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Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Finnish Language Pack:
Civilization VI suomeksi

Civilization VI's mod system is great!

  • Steam Workshop subscribe leads into a translated game
  • You can translate each DLC and Expansion with no extra action required by user

There is one downside: you can't add a new language via mod. You can add a language via user Text directory, but that isn't really convenient if you otherwise can make everything work via a mod. And there is no Workshop or mod support to access user's Text directory.

Feature Support
Vanilla game Yes
DLCs Yes
Rise & Fall Yes
Gathering Storm Yes
Steam Workshop Yes
Adds a new language No
Replaces English Yes
Sid Meier's Civilization V

Finnish Language Pack:
Civilization V suomeksi

Civilization V's mod system is awful.

Doing stuff via Text directory works though: you can add a new language. However there is no longer an option to select a language in the game options and the only way to change it is to edit config.ini - not all that convenient.