Who am I?

TL;DR: I'm a programmer. I do web user interfaces. I like to optimize for speed. I also translate games and stuff to Finnish.

My professional road as a developer is short; I only landed my first real programmer job in April 2013. I've been quick to learn and understand how to be a good dev. But I didn't really learn everything in just a short period of time: I did have roughly 20 years of hobbyist interest and a will to learn things that seemingly didn't interest many others.

My main fields of interests these days are:

Despite being a follower of agile methods I tend to be less agile than some. Some consider rapid development of new features fast and cost efficiently to be more important than doing features slower and with care and attention. Thus I'm not often the fastest, but things I do rarely break badly or in totally unexpected ways.

I've also noticed I seem to have some better-than-average skill in understanding data flow and state. I'm not sure about this yet though.

Where am I?

I live in Helsinki, Finland. I work for Verkkokauppa.com as a web UI developer.

Within one year since landing the job I had:

As a result of these changes Verkkokauppa.com's ranking in Google has improved, the site visibility and position is higher even with rarer keywords, doing changes to the site front end is faster and it is no longer easy to get broken experience with things like animations in many little details. Things just "work right". It is a hard thing to measure, but it is a thing that I care about. You can feel the quality of something that has had more thought than "just make it work", which is a very unfortunate mindset many devs tend to have on user interfaces. Atleast based on the experience I have.

Would I like to work elsewhere?

Nope. I'm locked to Helsinki for a few more years to come for personal reasons.

But here is my LinkedIn anyway.

What I enjoy on my spare time?

In late 2000 I started a Tolkien fansite, Kontu. It grew. It got a forum. Now it is a living community, it is deeply linked with the Finnish Tolkien Society and the quality of Kontuwiki has been acknowledged in the Finnish translation of The Lord of the Rings books. I take care of the technical aspects of the site and try to keep things active online.

I also enjoy gaming every now and then. Instead of just playing I've also made the Finnish translation for Civilization V and a couple of other games. Civ5 is still not complete, but I don't have any professional tools to help me so progress is slow.

I like fantasy and scifi movies. Marvel's superhero movies are quite nice. Occasionally you may also find me watching anime. I also enjoy documentaries, especially ones on science and/or history.