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Palette of HoMM II

by Vesa Piittinen

The original KB.PAL file in HEROES2.AGG has the palette colors defined in values in one fourth of the actual values shown in the screen as the game has colors in 6-bit. The extracted palette below has this corrected by using the algorithm used by DOSBox to go from 6-bit to 8-bit: C8 = (C6 << 2) | ((C6 & 0x30) >> 4).

HoMM II palette

The first and last ten entries of the palette are unused and are black. To reduce confusion I’ve added community color values from the alternate palette that is also available below.

Palette indexes 214 – 221 and 231 – 241 are used for color cycling:

  • Red: 214 – 217
  • Yellow: 218 – 221
  • Water: 231 – 237
  • Blue: 238 – 241

More information on AGG files.

Here are also backup downloads for and which once existed at Terry Butler’s site.

Also thanks to grave-y (Heroes of Might and Reddit discord) for providing info!

Alternative palette

This is a palette I found from heroes2_in-game_graphic.rar at

HoMM II palette

It might be more useful for community tools as it contains additional colors for transparent background (cyan at index 0) and shadow color (magenta). However I haven’t worked with HoMM2 tools (yet) so for now this is just a speculative find for me.

Original color values

These are the values in KB.PAL: