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Welcome to my FF9 & HoMM3 inspired site. I write on various topics that are of interest to me.
Things such as programming or games.

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Newest posts

  1. Sustainable computing

    Currently the industry lives and breathes the capitalistic dream: competition, consumption, and profits. The world will change and so must the computing industry.
  2. The Identity Shift

    There has been a change that made me think differently about myself, and of others.
  3. The perfect image lazy loading

    Lazy loading has seen some insane amounts of over-engineering around it in the past few years.

Recently changed posts

  1. Palettes of The Settlers II

    (updated on ) Some basics about the palettes in The Settlers II Gold Edition.
  2. Palette of HoMM II

    (updated on ) Information on the palette in the Heroes of Might and Magic II.
  3. Palettes of TTD

    (updated on ) Transport Tycoon Deluxe has DOS and Windows palettes.