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Welcome to my FF9 & HoMM3 inspired site. This site is on a period of transition. When I last updated I had a rather grim period of my life going on, and trying to make anything at such times do not grant desirable results.

As things are right now my homepage may, or may not, serve you better.

TIP! Annoying sound effects? Hit the speaker icon at top left in the menu bar above to mute!

Newest posts

  1. The perfect image lazy loading

    Lazy loading has seen some insane amounts of over-engineering around it in the past few years.
  2. Should I ever have a role="button"?

    This accessibility related post explores valid use cases for role="button" in HTML (in React lens).

Recently changed posts

  1. Palettes of The Settlers II

    (updated on ) Some basics about the palettes in The Settlers II Gold Edition.
  2. Palette of HoMM II

    (updated on ) Information on the palette in the Heroes of Might and Magic II.
  3. Palettes of TTD

    (updated on ) Transport Tycoon Deluxe has DOS and Windows palettes.